Wrapping Machine


Are you aware of how much money you are wasting with an inefficient pallet wrapping method? We can save over 20% of your pallet wrapping costs and halve your stretch film usage! Not only do we guarantee significant cost savings, but we also guarantee zero film breakages.



Pallet Wrapping Machine and Stretch Wrap have been engineered together to minimize the required amount of stretch film to wrap a pallet while maintaining optimum load containment.


  • Battery Operated – Monitoring and warning message on the display when the battery is low
  • Power Pre Stretch Unit*– With the ability to stretch film to 400%, this feature is unique to the Omni Pallet Wrappers.
  • Automatic Tension Settings – A load cell that detects the corners of the pallet and releases the film tension to prevent crushed corners. This ensures your pallet load is secure while maximizing stretch film performance.
  • Automatic Programming – With 20 program settings, you can wrap your pallets to suit your specific needs.
  • Remote Control* – This allows you to operate the machine from your forklift to further increase wrapping efficiency.
  • Automatic Film Attach & Cut Off* – This eliminates the need to manually attach and cut the film, therefore preventing unwanted film tails. The film is automatically applied to the pallet at the beginning of the cycle and then is cut and heat-sealed at the end.
  • Film Roping System* – At the end of the wrapping cycle, the film is pulled down to form a thin rope which locks the load to the pallet, improving load stability.
  • Inbuilt Memory Technology – This allows you to calculate your usage of stretch wrap, a perfect tool for analyzing your costing per pallet wrapped and for monitoring operator usage.
  • Control Panel Lock – This touch screen control panel gives you the ability to have a password-protected control panel so there isn’t interference to the machine settings.