Pallet Legs Nailing Machine


Automatic wood pallet legs nailing machine has two parts, one is feeding part, and another is nailing part. And it can nail wood pallet leg automatically and can make 8~10 pcs/min, with high efficiency. Also, save the labor cost, this machine just needs one worker can operate, manual feeding the blacks, then machine working nailing pallet leg automatically.


Technical parameter

Wood board length800-1350 mm
Wood board width80-150 mm
Wood board thickness12-20 mm
Wood block length80-150 mm
Wood block width80-150 mm
Wood block thickness80-100(110) mm
Wood board + wood block thicknessless than 130 mm
Capacity600-720 pieces/hour
Machine dimension6 m*2.4 m*2.4 m (L*W*H)
Machine weight1100 kg