Pallet Stringer Notching Machine


Wood pallet stringer notching machine is used to make 4-way pallet by notching the pallet stringer, which is also called wood pallet grooving machine.


The pallet string notching machine is mainly used for string wooden pallets and it has a great quality and high efficiency. wood pallet grooving machine is a kind of special requirements in the production of wooden pallets. Also known as the “American wood pallets”, this wood pallet grooving machine is for wood pallets longitudinal automatic dredging, milling slot, dual-slot open at the same time, and smooth slot with the same size.

Wood pallet stringer notching machine is special process for wood pallet processing, which it can be fork from four directions by forklift. It becomes popular pallet type in the world. It is suitable for different notching size, and it also can be customized according to customer demands.


  1. Notching length is adjustable, and the max notching length is 370 mm.
  2. The cutting blade is adjustable, can easy to change cutter, and cost-effective.
  3. The machine heads with alloy material, with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, thus ensuring the long-term performance.
  • Continuous feed, work platform automatic discharge mode, you can also open a dual-slot, Trench smooth without rough parts, standard size, high precision, and adjustable slot depth specifications.
  • Reliable security guards, when workers operate completely without touching knives.
  • Wood pallet stringer notching machine is high-quality, safe, practical, efficient and a series of properties, so that more wood pallet wood factory automation to improve mechanically, completely replace the previous trough excavation work manually.

Wood pallet stringer notching machine parameter

Overall dimension1100*900*900 mm2000*1200*1600mm
Stringer lengthLess than 1800mmLess than 1300mm
String thickness40-60 mm40-60 mm
Stinger width90 mm90 mm
Max slot depth30-50 mm30-50 mm
Max slot width200-350 mm200-350 mm
Capacity400 pieces/hour1800 pieces/hour
Net weight300 kg860 kg